API SpA (www.apispa.net), Italy based company operating in the field of special equipment for application on water infrastructures, has announced the acquisition of the Italian company FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI SRL.

FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI SRL (www.friulanacostruzioni.it), based in Fontanafredda - Pordenone, in the north-east of Italy, has been manufacturing water and waste water equipment for 35 years and is considered the best partner for API SpA in pursuing a growth strategy.

The acquisition will contribute to the strategic plans with operational synergies, a new manufacturing facility and an appreciated high-quality products range which is fully complementary to the API product line.

Alberto SALE, CEO of API SpA and Isidoro DANELUZ, CEO of FRIULANA COSTRUZIONI Srl agree that the partnership will strengthens both brands and will fortify their position as manufacturers of quality equipment for water and waste water application.      

API SpA since 80 years is Italy market leader and manufacturer of equipment for use on water intakes facilities of irrigation and drainage, land reclamation, hydro power generation, water and waste water; it is a Company part of the ASCO POMPE SRL group, which globally invests and operates since decades in the fields of fluid handling and water resources with total business turnover of EUR 40 million.

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