We Are API®

Since 1945 we have been manufacturing Trash Rack Cleaners and products for treating and regulating water in the intake structures of the reclamation, irrigation and drainage systems, in hydropower plants, generally in the systems for collecting primary water or waste water. We industrially produce Trash Rakes and specific products in Italy, in our Trevignano plant (Treviso), a production and logistics area of 4,000 m2. In the historical premises in Milan, where the company was founded, are the departments for management and coordination, sales and R&D.

Legality, Safety and the Environment

We have always been very sensitive to the issues of Legality, Health and Safety at Work and the Environment; we have an organisational model and an integrated management system certified by an independent body in accordance with ISO 9001-45001-14001 Standards.


We want to pursue a competitive advantage by specialising in the construction of a range of Industrial Trash Rack Cleaners and Machinery for Intake Structures for reclamation, irrigation, drainage and hydropower systems, for the collection and treatment systems of primary water and waste water.  We operate and aim to be recognisable and identifiable by our product, for the reliability of the product itself and the high level of assistance from the organisation, without compromise and in accordance with the most selective product, environmental, health and safety standards.